Subscription Plan History
  • 18 Jan 2023
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Subscription Plan History

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Article summary

List of past and current subscription plan offerings

Plan NameBilling ScheduleCostStatus
Prerender Base Plan (Varying Names)Post PaidVaryingRetired September 2021
Basic / HobbyNot Paid$0Available
ProfessionalPre Paid$25Retired May 2022
Startup (2021)Pre Paid$99Not Offered Anymore
Business (2021)Pre Paid$299Not Offered Anymore
Enterprise (2021)Pre Paid$1990+Not Offered Anymore
Startup (2023)Pre Paid$90Available
Scaleup (2023)Pre Paid$290Available
Enterprise (2023)Pre Paid$990+Available

What happens with "Retired" plans?

After a plan is retired, we upgrade your account to the most affordable subscription plan based on the account's previous 30-day usage.

What does it mean when a plan is "Not Offered Anymore"?

The subscription plan is still available for customers already on it, but it's not on offer for new customers.

How long is a plan available before it's retired?

When we no longer offer a subscription plan, we wait for six months to a year before retiring it.

How do I know if my plan is retired?

You will receive an email about it, but we will continuously display a "Retired" badge next to your plan's name on the dashboard.


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