How this feature works
  • 27 Oct 2023
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How this feature works

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Why do we score your SEO?

Prerender provides a technical SEO scoring feature built into the rendering process.
The scores are displayed in the cached page results, and you can access a detailed breakdown by clicking on a page's score.


Our goal is to help find pages with low scores for technical reasons. We cannot provide you ranking-like scores, and the SEO score is not an exact reflection of what your content will achieve in search engine results.

All pages start from zero points and the system adds to and subtracts from the score depending on the cached version of the page.

We created this feature as our customers found it helpful to identify broken pages, missing content definitions, and much more.

Low and High Scores

Arbitrary values should not be something to worry about - the SEO score has no optimal value.

Our process checks for technical expectations one by one and, depending on their presence and correctness, assigns either a positive or negative value.
How can this help? You can order your pages by score and find the lowest-performing ones, and by checking the detailed analytics, you may identify irregularities and take action on them.


The SEO score can be positive or negative, indicated by blue or red respectively.

N/A Scores

We execute the scoring process in the recache phase of your page processing, which means you may not see the SEO score until your page is recached for the first time to ensure your first on-demand request is as fast as possible. We can take the time to score your page when we render it in the background.

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