Cached and Recached Pages

Can I limit the number of cached pages for my site?

No, but we will never charge you for cached pages that are added unexpectedly. We want to be completely fair and we're not trying to take advantage of you, but limiting the number of cached pages is a hard problem. If we did allow limiting the number of cached pages and you hit your limit, we wouldn't want to send 404s since that's bad for SEO. We also can't render pages on the fly instead of caching them because rendering pages on the fly is where the most cost is (serving cached pages keeps costs down). The best way to limit the number of cached pages is by blacklisting or whitelisting at the middleware level.

How can I reduce the number of cached pages?

1) Use the URL Parameters section of our site to tell us to ignore certain query parameters that might show up on your URLs that don't affect the page rendering. That way, we can save more of a canonical URL and not have lots of similar URLs cached.

2) Modify your middleware to only send certain URLs to This would mean that some pages would be prerendered and some wouldn't, but if certain parts of your site aren't valuable for SEO, you might consider not sending those URLs to

3) Return non-200 status codes for pages that don't need to be cached. If you have invalid URLs cached because they return a status code 200, you might want to return a non-200 status code from your server or use a prerender-status-code meta tag to tell us to return a non-200 status code for those URLs after the javascript has been run:

How do I delete a lot of pages at once?

At the moment it’s not possible to delete more than 250 pages at a time. If you would like to delete more pages please get in touch with us using this link, we can delete all of your cached pages or delete certain ones based on a regex. 

We will be adding this feature to our site once we make sure the performance is acceptable for deleting lots of pages, but for now it's easiest if we do it for you.

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